What’s not to like about a ladybug taking a stroll on a hydrangea bloom?

I love gardening and landscaping (but am not particularly fond of weeding.) On almost any given day, when it’s not pouring rain, there is something to be discovered and celebrated.

After catching up on the news, seeing whether SC is trending up or down with Covid-19…, a walk through the garden can slow me down, allow me to take some deep breaths and get rejuvenated.

There is so much going on in our world and so much that isn’t going on. My prayer is that we will learn from this time and seek to reshape society more in keeping with God’s will for us to look after “the widow, the orphan, the sojourner in our midst.” To help fashion a society that does not give preferential justice to the rich but equal justice for all. That we more closely love our neighbors as ourselves.

And for me this comes in a rhythm of engagement (marches/vigils, writing letters to congress, sending donations to ministries on the front lines, learning more about how to dismantle racism inside and out etc.) and respite away (on a run, walk, time in the garden…) It’s like breathing in and breathing out. Both are vital. No, both are essential.

If you are ever in need of a listening ear, you can contact me at pastorjon12@gmail.com or 843-304-5664. God’s peace, justice & hope be with you, Pastor Jon