Community Ministries Committee

Serves as a bridge between our congregation and the surrounding community in assisting with on-going and new community ministries and services. Find a list of opportunities to serve in the community on the “In The Community” page.

Chairperson:  Karen Dreher –
Council Liaison: Jean Mehlman
Members: Penny Booher, Katie Healy, Pastor Jon, Patty Hudson, Jim Keogh and Sue Reneke

Education Committee

The Educational Ministries Committee works to provide spiritual educational opportunities to meet the needs of members and visitors of all ages. The committee oversees all Sunday School classes, the Confirmation program, the church library, various study groups, and other educational programs. The committee also coordinates the following volunteer opportunities: Sunday school teachers, Confirmation mentors, vacation bible school volunteers, art camp volunteers, and a library coordinator. Please contact the committee for more information about serving in any of these roles.

Chairperson:  Mollie Barrow –
Council Liaison: Marion Fisher
Members: Anita Edge, Pastor Jon Heiliger, Linda Holt, Diana Vetter

Evangelism Committee

The Evangelism Committee continually seeks new and creative ways to share the Love of Christ with the world in and beyond our faith community. The Evangelism Committee is also responsible for reaching out to prospective members, promoting the church, contacting inactive members, sponsoring new members, making name tags, providing refreshments in between and after worship services, and sponsoring the Men & Women in Blue luncheon. If you have ideas about how we can communicate the Good News of God, then please let us know.

Co-chairs:  Jim and Lena Jones –
Council Liaison: Laura Scott
Members: Marilyn Deloach, Ben Edge, Rosalyn Flanigan, Katie Healy, Sharon Runge, Martin Schneider, Karen Waltz

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is charged with preparing a draft budget for all church operations for the succeeding year and submitting it to the congregation for approval. It monitors results against this budget throughout the year and exercises oversight of all financial affairs of the congregation making sure they are being conducted efficiently with particular attention to prompt payment of all obligations. It is also responsible for the congregation’s investments and insurance program and for annual audits of all accounts.

Chairperson: Martin Stewart –
Council Liaison: Gary Smith
Treasurer: Tony Quesada
Members: John Blackmon, John Dreher, Ben Edge, Rachel Quesada, Cheryl Smith

Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) Directing Committee

The LCM Directing Committee works to develop creative ways to involve Clemson University students in the life of the congregation and to represent the needs and interest of these students in their academic vocations. The committee hosts the weekly Wednesday Night meal and program, annual student appreciation Christmas party, coordinates Welcome and Godspeed events at the beginning and end of each semester, coordinates outreach visits to incoming high school seniors and LCM alumni, assists in the formulation and control of budget and fundraising activities, and participates in strategic planning for LCM activities at UniLu.

Chairperson: Carina Huizenga –
Council Liaisons: Alice Cox, Paula Sommerville
Student Representatives: Adam Nichols, Lauren Nordin
Members: Allen Barrow, Benjamin Edge, Addy Hale, David Huizenga, Jennifer Neary, Libby Queener, Jim Reneke, Calvin Schoulties, Gary Smith, Josh Summers, Austin Wallach, Nick Willis

Mutual Ministry Committee

The Mutual Ministry Committee provides pastoral support, serves as a listening post for the congregation, and encourages pastoral continuing education.

Chairperson: Myrna Johnson –
Council Liaison: Myrna Johnson
Members: Pastor Chris Heavner, Pastor Jon Heiliger, Rich Ringeisen, Rick Sanders, Deanie Shonka, Kerry Smith

Parish Life Committee

The Parish Life Committee organizes congregational receptions and meals, retreats, picnics, fellowship activities, and funeral meals.

Chairperson: Chris Cox –
Council Liaison: Cheryl Summers
Members: Rachel Creech, Susanne Lemcke, Katie Mallon-Kargel, Carolyn Ringeisen, Sharon Runge, Cindy Sanders, Kerry Smith, Diana Vetter

Parish Ministries Committee

The Parish Ministries Committee develops, supervises, and oversees all the ways in which the members of the congregation minister to themselves. Areas of responsibility include the church records and archives, cluster groups, church communications, parish health, prayer fellowship, and small-group ministries.

Chairperson: Tony Quesada –
Council Liaison: Patrick Morgan
Members: Rodney Cummings, Lena M. Jones, Linda Morgan, Karen Waltz

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee oversees the evaluation and compensation recommendation process to be carried out by the assigned committees, reviews job descriptions and evaluation guidelines, processes evaluations, and reports to council.

Chair and Liaison: Pat Morgan –
Property Chair: John Dreher
Worship and Music: Jan Fritz
Council President: Jean Mehlman
Pastors: Chris Heavner and Jon Heiliger

Property Committee

The Property Committee oversees a variety of programs designed to protect and preserve all property of the congregation. The committee will act on a recurring basis to maintain, repair, and/or improve the premises, both within and around our church buildings. The committee generally meets once a quarter unless something arises requiring quick attention. The focus and budget of the committee covers maintenance of buildings, grounds, all equipment (HVAC, lawn, cleaning, etc.), church vehicles, and assessment of future needs.

Chairperson: John Dreher —
Council Liaison: Cyra Phelan
Members: Jean Askew, George Askew, John Beckman, Karen Dreher, David Foster, John Fulmer, Harold Holt, Larry Hudson, Herm Spitzer, Freddie Waltz

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee leads the congregation’s growth in giving of Time, Talent and Treasure by developing a year around program of Stewardship awareness. The committee conducts the Fall Stewardship Campaign to provide members the opportunity to offer their abilities, time, and financial support to Christ and His Church.

Chairperson: John Wagner –
Council Liaison: John Wagner
Members: Rosalyn Flanigan, Karen High, Marty High, Judy Morrison, Rachel Quesada, Ethan Severance, Reed Severance

Worship and Music Committee

The Worship and Music Committee is responsible for insuring that the worship and music programs provide an enriching and fulfilling experience for the congregation and visitors. The committee assists the church council in seeing that the services of God’s house are conducted regularly and in accordance with the liturgy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, that ushers are recruited and trained, and that hymnals and other devotional materials are provided and properly cared for. It also supervises the choirs of the congregation, arranges for the care of the paraments, vestments, and musical instruments.

Chairperson: Jan Fritz –
Council Liaison: Myrna Johnson
Members: Monte Bedford, Marion Fisher, Judi Key, Cindy Nelson, Rebecca Quesada, Gary Smith, Kerry Smith, Nancy Turner

Youth Committee

The Youth Ministries Committee provides opportunities for children and youth to learn about their faith. The committee’s mission is to teach our youth to serve in the church and the community.

Chairperson: Marion Fisher –
Council Liaison: Marion Fisher
Members: Mollie Barrow, Anita Edge, Pastor Jon Heiliger, Linda Holt, Connor Lehmacher, Eunice Lehmacher, Cyra Phelan, Annika Summers, Diana Vetter