This is the first full school year that Renee & I have lived in Clemson. Like awkward dance partners the first year, trying to learn new steps, this past year has felt more fluid. We’ve begun to learn the rhythm of the year. It was great to begin with the incoming Freshmen from the start, as well as recognize many LCM students who were Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Seniors Plus (I was one as a Co-op student at Purdue). So much of our congregation life is tied to our context of being in a University town. It’s part of the DNA of University Lutheran. This is a good thing as it’s harder to lose sight of the context where God has planted us. Combined with our outreach to the Clemson community and surrounding neighbors we are bearing fruit in this corner of God’s vineyard. And yes, I need to get a Spring Photo of the campus!

God’s peace & hope, Pastor Jon