This is the view from Cross Rock at Lutherock. When I go to confirmation camp (Campfirmation) each year it’s my joy to join the campers on this hike, and even once or twice, to return without campers at sunset. It’s a beautiful place…a place of quiet.

During the week we lead lessons, play games, and have deep dialogue around Worship, Prayer, Service, Gifts and Sharing our Stories. We participate in a service project that I’ve coordinated the last dozen plus years. Coupled with our campers’ interaction with college age disciples of Jesus as counsellors, this is a special week apart to reflect on one’s faith, make friends and grow closer to God. Please keep us, and all campers and counsellors, in your prayers for this special time. Please pray in thanksgiving for all the generous people who contributed to making outdoor ministries a reality, and for those offering ongoing support for Lutherock, Lutheridge and all the other camps.

God’s peace & joy,

Pastor Jon