Thank you to everyone who has written a prayer petition, or petitions, to hang on the garland in the sanctuary. It has been humbling to recite the prayers as they are added each week. Prayers for healing…prayers for friends and loved ones imprisoned here or in Africa…for relationships…for employment…for world peace… There have been prayers of thanksgiving for blessings great and small. There are prayers for our congregation, for the city and university. Someone even took the extra time to add glitter bling and pre-strung their ornaments! In reading and praying through them I was struck by the similarities to the Kyrie that we sing most weeks’ in worship, “Lord, have mercy”. This opportunity will continue until the garland is removed, probably around the first week or so in January.

Thank you for sharing an insight into your prayer life; the people and situations that you carry near and dear to your heart.

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon