This is the view from my home office, where I compose 95% of my sermons. Even on a dreary day such as this one I can hear some birds singing, the rain falling on the remainder of the leaves, and remember that the rain is sustaining life in its apparent dormancy.

It’s hard to believe that only one week ago I was writing about the turmoil in Iran and the sense that we were trapped in a cycle that would lead to war. That has been avoided for now, thankfully.

Perhaps I’m the only one who feels like I’m on a rollercoaster, but from comments from others, I doubt that to be the case. So how does one find some balance between staying informed and plugged in, and disconnecting to replenish? For me, nature has always been key. Right now, I’m in a phase of enjoying nature through landscaping and gardening. But at other times it has been hiking, climbing trees, car trips to National Parks etc. Renee finds release through her baking. What brings you joy and replenishes you? I’d love to know, or 843-304-5664.

God’s peace & hope, Pastor Jon