A few random stories:

  1. I spoke of these Japanese Iris last week during my Front Yard Garden Tour devotion, but now they are really starting to bloom.


For those who missed the devotion, these iris were a gift from my neighbor. Her yard had grown too shady, so they were no longer blooming. We have afternoon sun so I said I’d be happy to transplant them to our yard and we can both enjoy them! So that’s what I did three years ago. The first year they had transplant shock so they didn’t bloom. But this year & last year they have bloomed profusely. It was nice to see her and her husband enjoying the blooms as they went for their neighborhood walk.



  1. I saw a Facebook meme that certainly resonated with me with regards to trying to keep time straight during this complete upheaval of schedules: “Today is Blursday, the fortyteenth of Mayprilay.”
  1. What has become an almost weekly event for me, other pastors and bishop’s offices, someone has written a “phishing email” claiming to be me (they did spell both first and last name right this time!) but the email address they used was off by one character: pastorrjon12@gmail.com. Sure looks like me, but it’s off by one “r”. This is not a hack of my email account, it’s someone lying by using an email account close to mine. Although we have a column elsewhere about Scams/Spam/Phishing, I’ll say it here too. Pastor Josh & I will never send texts, emails etc. trying to raise funds from you for causes you don’t recognize as legit, beg you to help me rescue a cat up a tree, or “am currently away in a meeting so please just send me gifts cards, $1,000,000 or your first born puppy.” Although I do like dogs. Sadly, especially during chaotic times, there are those unscrupulous people who prey on other’s generosity. So I’ll share this blessing someone from the congregation shared with me:

“May God bless them with a more positive and socially productive livelihood.   Or arthritic fingers.”


God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon