In my devotion this morning, the internet connection was misbehaving so I couldn’t walk off the deck. Here is one of the Japanese Iris that is now blooming in our yard that was a “pass along” plant from Donna Coakley.

I love walking through our yard and remembering and giving thanks for “the people/ministries behind the plant”. We’ve been the gracious beneficiary of pass alongs from Janet, Judi, Eunice, Max, David F. ,David J., David P., Chris, Laura, Pat, Addy, John, Kathy, Jennifer, Karin, Jean, St. John’s Lutheran, Grandfather Home for Children…

Now, I have oodles of Liriope to share (the spreading kind, L. spicata, not the self contained mound type) if anyone is looking for some groundcover. I am beginning to have some extra Periwinkle if you’re in need of a few sprigs. Both of these can be received at our house while practicing safe physical distancing if you are interested.

Next spring I’ll be dividing some Lenten Roses and Guacamole Hostas if you would like any additions to your yard.

Gardening fills me with joy because I love being close to the earth. I love seeing God turn our yard & garden waste into rich compost. I love seeing plants flourish in the right spot and bloom prolifically. I’m reminded of the need for pruning, the importance of patience, and unexpected surprises growing from my compost pile. Plus the fresh air, physical labor, the birds singing, hawks screeching and owls hooting at various times just puts a smile on my face. It also gives me time to think of others, to pray for their situations and to remember Julian of Norwich’s saying and God’s promise: “All shall be well.”

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon