“Oh dear!”

Not the two words you want to hear as your beloved is using an electric trimmer on the back of your head. Thankfully hair grows back and it can’t be as bad as me blindly trying to do it for myself. Plus I used to have a buzz cut as a kid so I know it’s quite cool during hot and humid summers.

We are approaching five months in our schizophrenic response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Despite a few dubious claims otherwise, worldwide health experts agree that the most effective means of combating this new virus are by some age old (I mean, back to the days of fighting the plague old) means: Avoid unnecessary contact with others except out of love or service to our neighbor. Wear a mask. Wipe down surfaces. Wash your hands. I’ve heard ranges but if the vast majority of us wore masks within 6 – 8 weeks we could squash the spread and regain so many of the things we are currently missing. Since our last in person worship was on March 15 (one week after a few other local congregations) that would have meant having things manageable by May 15. As a society we do not appear to be quick learners.

So I am truly grateful for each of you doing your part; not only in helping prevent the spread, but for the online, over the phone, physically distanced, prayerful ministry you continue to engage in. I appreciate your flexibility in learning new ways of being church, for adhering to the best practices science can teach us, and for keeping the faith. Our four plus months of quarantine certainly puts in perspective forty years in the wilderness.

My prayer on your difficult days is that you are not alone. Please know you can always contact me or Pastor Josh for listening ears and someone who will pray with you. Please stay connected with one another by joining in online worship or periodically checking out our Mon – Sat online devotions. Join one of the book studies being offered, fill a school kids backpack for Lutheran World Relief or make a donation to our local food pantries. Phone a friend. Take a walk. Do something that will nourish your soul.

How close are we to getting the vast majority of us to wear masks? I don’t know. But I do believe we are closer than we used to be, so that is hopeful.

God’s peace, justice & hope,

Pastor Jon