Grace & peace to you.

Beginning this Sunday, September 6, and for successive first Sunday’s of the month, Pastor Josh and I will be serving drive up Holy Communion from 10:30 – 11 AM in the upper parking lot. Not quite the upper room, but nevertheless we are looking forward to serving anyone who wishes to receive. Please note, we will also continue offering Holy Communion as part of every Sunday’s worship service, including the first Sunday of the month.

Logistics: Please enter the upper lot off Sloan Street as you normally would. Continue through the lot so you can then move adjacent and parallel to the curb closest to the sanctuary. If you are first in line, or when the space becomes available, pull up adjacent to the Narthex entry doors and remain in your car. Please turn off the car engine. I’m reasonably quick, but the alb might slow me down enough if you were to accidentally hit drive. Please wear masks as both Pastor Josh & I will too. Pastor Josh or I will present the elements of bread and wine or grape juice to each person in the vehicle. Please take the plastic cups home to dispose of them. One last note, we will be serving regardless of the weather; rain or shine.

As awkward and technical as this sounds in my head as I write this, we are confident that the Holy Spirit will be present and it will be nice to see a bunch of smiling eyes. If you have any questions before Sunday, please contact either me or Pastor Josh.

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon