“Consider the ravens…consider the lilies, how they grow…consider the falling leaves” Luke 12:22-28 (plus an addition). In my morning devotion I shared how contentedly surprised I was to notice the many ways leaves make their brief journeys from branch to the ground. With a soft breeze blowing I witnessed leaves that rocked back and forth, as if swinging in a hammock, fall. Others glided to the ground like a paper airplane or riding on a sled. Some leaves spun like little helicopter blades and still others in large, swooping circles. Such variety in these exceedingly brief forays. And I thought, why? Leaves falling to the ground, adding their nutrients and richness to the soil need not be so pretty if the goal was purely functional. And yet our creator has even filled these brief transitions full of beautiful dances, if I simply take the time to notice. And to appreciate. And to give God thanks.

During times of stress it’s easy to have our focus narrow to only the problem or challenges at hand. Yet even a minute or two of deep breathing, a minute or two of taking in the glories around us every day, can be healing for the soul. I invite you to join us this evening on Facebook Live at 7 PM for our Holden Evening Prayer for one such opportunity.

Please put on your calendar that we will have a 4 PM online only Christmas Eve service which will involve lessons and carols, holy communion and candle lighting. And for those who desire (and agree to wear a mask and respect physical distancing), on Christmas Eve at 7:30 PM in our Sloan Street Parking lot we’ll gather to hear the birth story from Luke’s gospel, sing a few carols and have candle lighting. For safety purposes the lot will be closed to all cars so you’ll need to park in the lower lot, on the street or in the city parking deck.

God bless you as we continue to look after one another and our neighbors.

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon