“I am not sure that 2021 is going to start out much better than 2020 is ending, but there is hope for the future and God is always with us.  That makes all the difference.” Jean Mehlman, “Thought for the Week” 12/30/20

In these two short sentences, Jean captured many of my thoughts. Psychologically, I can’t wait to have 2020 in the rearview mirror, and I’ll probably wince for the rest of my life when someone mentions “having 20/20 hindsight”. It has been a difficult year worldwide; a devastating year for some individuals and communities.

It’s also been a year of tremendous change, learning, and growth. Not in any way I planned for and one that I would not voluntarily repeat. Yet we adapted. We changed.

I am grateful for many things this year. Grateful to Jean for stepping out of her comfort zone and inspiring and encouraging so many people by sharing her thoughts. Grateful for our choirs, for Judi and Rebecca for adding so much to our online worship. Grateful to our leadership for prioritizing the use of the Education Building for a semblance of LCM activities this fall. Grateful for the grace Pastor Josh manifested in working alongside the LCM students. Grateful to our Community Ministry team for keeping us plugged in with local ministries and for Carol (& Keith) Miller for sewing a record number of surgical caps for children. Grateful for our whole congregation’s ongoing support for all of our online activities: worship, devotions, bible studies, stewardship drive, and meetings, all done to try and keep one another safe. Grateful for……….

Yes, we will continue to have many challenges in 2021, and therefore many opportunities for us to continue to flesh out what it looks like to love God and to love our neighbor. Together we can be about doing God’s work in the world God so loves.

God’s peace, justice and hope,

Pastor Jon