Ok, so we’ve done a little remodeling/redecorating at our house! Our daughter Elise, our son in law Ben and our two granddaughters Willow & Olivia have moved in with us while they research where in the upstate they’d like to settle. What a joy for us!

They arrived Monday night following a three day cross country drive from LA, with minimal stops and overnighting twice in Air Bnb’s. We exchanged initial masked hugs (it’s been a long 18 months since last being together) then practiced masked, physically distancing till bedtime. I had placed a Merv13 filter in our HVAC system and ran a separate fan overnight by our bedside with another Merv13 filter attached. Thankfully Renee and I had previously used the Clemson community Covid-19 test site and received negatives and they were able to get tested first thing yesterday (Tuesday) morning. Their results were returned by dinner time, all negative, so we enjoyed a maskless dinner. What a celebration, a fiesta, over homemade fajitas, rice & beans!

In an effort to roll back the spread of the virus Clemson is offering FREE Covid-19 testing (a highly accurate and timely spit test, not a nasal swab) at the Fire Station on Issaqueena Trail. All the details can be found at the following link:


My plan until things calm down a bit is to be tested at least twice a month; if there is any reason to believe I may have come in close contact with anyone testing positive, I’ll get additional tests as needed.

With vaccines being shipped and administered and this additional testing capacity we have the opportunity to be proactive against the virus even as we continue to follow the safety practices of wearing a mask around anyone outside of our quarantine group, practice physical distancing as much as possible, be outside as much as we are able and continue to wash our hands regularly.  Thank you all for doing your part as we continue to love our neighbors by looking out for their health.

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon