Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, February 17th and it marks the beginning of Lent. Through the years I’ve practiced “giving things up” and “taking things on”. This year feels like a year where I’ll be trying to take on a beneficial spiritual practice (journaling, additional prayer/meditation time, almsgiving…) versus trying to shake bad habits or reduce my coveting (chocolate or the like.) Although there are numerous hopeful signs, like the full vaccination of close to fifty UniLuers by month’s end, the pandemic continues.

So what spiritual practice will I become more mindful of this Lent? Fresh air & appreciation for all God’s beautiful works; especially those ready to burst forth this spring.

So how about you? Any thoughts as to how you may approach Lent this year? Please email, call or text me if you would like to share.

This picture was taken today of my first crocus to bloom this year. Timely and beautiful.

Looking to Ash Wednesday, we’ll be offering drive up ashes from 2 – 2:30 PM in LOWER PARKING LOT off N. Clemson Avenue. Please wear a mask, as will Pastor Josh & I, and remain in your cars. We’ll also offer an online Facebook live worship at 7 PM. The 7 PM service will also include the imposition of ashes so we will have snack baggies of ashes in the Narthex ready to pick up on Sunday February 14th if you need some. If you have ashes at home, please be sure to use a little baby oil or olive oil if you need to mix them a little bit. Wood ashes + Water = Lye which equals irritation to most people’s skin!

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon