Camp this Summer! Woohoo!

I am very excited to be returning to Lutherock this summer from Jun 16 – 20 for a week of Campfirmation along with our two confirmands, Bella Rockow and Jake McGinney.

Years ago a study on faith showed that one week of church camp, with a good experience I’m sure, was among the top five reasons why a youth continued to practice their faith as an adult. I am grateful that University Lutheran prioritizes this and makes it part of the Confirmation process.

But Church Camp is far broader than Confirmation alone! Many youth of all ages have attended camp at Lutheridge or Lutherock. If you are interested in having your child attend camp, please check out this website: University Lutheran has a special fund for camp so please don’t let that be a stumbling block; simply talk with me.

It’s been a rough year; we’d love for as many kids to take advantage of the outdoors this summer as possible!

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon