This Sunday March 14 at 11 AM we’ll offer our first outdoor worship service. The service will be held in the upper parking lot on Sloan Street.

Please wear a mask and practice physical distancing with those not in your “quaran-team group” . Since we may have both vaccinated and unvaccinated people present, please do your best to respect the body language of your siblings in Christ!

Having said those precautions, I’m almost giddy about gathering together. Although we are doing our best to plan, I ask in advance for your grace when things don’t go exactly as we hope. For communion distribution Pastor Josh and I will bring the elements to you.

Other details. Please bring your own chair and dress appropriately. If you are able, please park on the street, in the parking deck or in the lower lot so that the back two rows (furthest from Sloan Street) can remain available for anyone who may need to park a little closer.

We will still have our 9 AM online service. Although the time may change in the future, our commitment to continuing this outreach will not. So if you are ever traveling, or at home sick, or anywhere with access to a smartphone, tablet etc. you’ll be able to join in for worship at University Lutheran.

Please let me or Pastor Josh know if you have any questions! Looking forward to being with you either online (9 AM) or in person (11 AM) this coming Sunday!

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon