Are we there yet? – Part II

Three weeks ago I asked this question, and thankfully in those three weeks vaccinations have continued to rise and cases of Covid locally, regionally and nationally have continued to decline. Even the worst hit pockets in the country are improving after a variant or two caused spikes in their counties or states.

Our 9 AM online service can now accommodate up to fifty people in the sanctuary and last Sunday we introduced singing (with masks being worn by all). Our timing was a bit off with the recorded music so we’ll continue to make tweaks so that the online experience and in person experience are as worshipful as possible.

Since last week was our first attempt, this weekend is Memorial Weekend, and the following weekend we’ll have our outdoor worship at Biggerstaff, it will be mid June before we’ll start having a true sense for our worship participation as compared to previous summers. My hunch is we may have more travel since so many people have not been able to visit family and friends, or take that special trip, as compared to previous years. That’s only one of the reasons we’ll always have an online worship option that you can connect while you are away!

It’s been good this past week to join, in person, with the Community Ministry Team. And to be able to gather online for an evening meeting with our Reconcilingworks Task Force (who for the time being will prefer meeting online so we can eliminate the drive) and in the next hour to gather in person with the Wednesday morning 10 AM Bible Study (online option will still be available) as we continue our study of Mark’s gospel.

If you have not yet let me know that you are vaccinated, please do so. Likewise, if you have any hesitation about the vaccine we have numerous health care professionals and scientists in the congregation to answer your questions. (As of this time I’ve been notified of 157 vaccinated persons out of a congregation roster of 340. Please note, not all 340 are eligible to receive the vaccine & I’ve also been contacted by some active participants who aren’t on our roster.)

Most importantly, if you or a family member is not able to receive the vaccine and you feel left out, please let me, Pastor Josh or one of our Council Members know as we want everyone to be able to participate as fully as possible in whatever activities University Lutheran is engaged in. We are one community.

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon