Are we there yet?

How many dozens and dozens (hundreds and hundreds?) of times did I ask that question on long seemingly interminable drives (looking at you Ontario, Canada; and you too Pennsylvania Turnpike).

Are we there yet? Depends where “there” is. Now that I’m fully inoculated I have much greater freedom of movement and activity. In some ways, I feel “there”, especially for outdoor activities. But as a community the question is still “Are WE there yet?” For some families with children under 16 years old the answer is “not yet”. For those unable to take the vaccine due to medical conditions the answer is “not yet”. For the virus being eradicated in Clemson, SC the answer is “not yet”.

The “Task Force for Return to in Person Worship” will be meeting next week  to be able to provide updated recommendations to Council for our meeting on Monday May 17. We’ll review the positive news of increased vaccinations, decreased local and statewide cases and what options that opens for us. In the Task Force we’ll also discuss small group meetings inside: Bible Studies, Women of the ELCA, Ministry Teams & Committees etc.

For this Sunday we’ll continue to offer our online worship at 9 AM, with up to 30 people plus worship leaders in the sanctuary. We’ll also continue our 11 AM outdoor worship in the 111 Sloan Street Parking lot with singing and live piano music. Plus visiting before & after worship. The weather looks a little warmer so please bring a hat and pack a cool drink if you’d like.

Are we there yet? We are getting closer. So much closer.

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon