Affirmation Statement

University Lutheran Church and Lutheran Campus Center

The congregation of University Lutheran Church, as a congregation of faith and action, seeks to invite and embrace everyone with God’s grace and love. God calls us to go beyond our comfort zone to make our community and world a better place. We will look to the future with passion and commitment that will enable us to grow and become even more vital with outreach to our community. Following Jesus’ example of serving each other and those in need, we are committed to confronting racism and calling for justice for all people. We are committed to providing worship programs, ministries, and pastoral care to people of all religious backgrounds, ages, colors, marital statuses, cultures, languages, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, political beliefs, economic statuses, abilities, national origins or life circumstances. God’s love is the foundation of all that we say and do. Therefore we hope that everyone is welcomed and affirmed in this place, where the love of God is the foundation of all that we say and do. Your family, spouse, children, partner, and friends are welcome. Your diversity and uniqueness are welcome.