2024 Council Officers

Stephen Avery, President
Tamie Herin, Vice President

Molly Parkhill, Secretary 
Rachel Quesada, Treasurer 

2024 Committees 

Community Ministry

Chair:   Judy Aikens 
Council Liaison:  Katie Caterino 

Education and Youth

Chair:   Mollie Barrow 
Council Liaison:  Sam Plonk 


Chair:   Annette Godsey 
Council Liaison:  Carol Miller 

Finance Committee

Chair:  Jean Mehlman 
Council Liaison:  Tamie Herin 

LCM Directing

Chair:   Dan Shonka 
Council Liaisons:  Pastor Josh Kestner & Zoie Bowers

Mutual Ministry

Chairperson:   Vacant 
Council Liaison:  Pastor Jon Heiliger 


Chair:   Vacant 
Council Liaison:  Stephen Avery


Chair:   Jim Keogh 
Council Liaisons:  Stephen Avery & Michael Scott

Reconciling Works

Chair:   Marty High 
Council Liaison:  Molly Parkhill 


Chair:   Vacant 
Council Liaison:  Jim Jones 

Worship and Music

Chair:   Jan Fritz 
Council Liaison:  Cindy Donnan