What a joy a couple Sundays ago to hear some stories of Jimmie & Bill Pletta being the “adoptive parents” for Scott Mims when he attended Clemson. It was through Lutheran Campus  Ministry and University Lutheran that Scott became Lutheran and eventually became an ELCA Pastor. He, along with his wife Pastor Cathy, were in town as their daughter Jackie was attending a science week at Clemson. Both Cathy & Scott are presently serving ELCA congregations in the Virginia Synod, but Clemson is a leading choice for Jackie at this point in her decision making.

To see the mutual love and joy in Jimmie and Scott’s face as Scott recalled how much Jimmie & Bill meant to him was truly touching. And that’s the great opportunity and ministry that is ever before Lutheran Campus Ministry AND University Lutheran. To be a loving, supporting home away from home for many college students.

I am hopeful for the coming school year that we will be able to engage in more connections with the university students; certainly more than last year! How it will all shake out is still a little up in the air with plateauing vaccination rates and Covid-19 variants on the rise in other parts of the south and midwest. So I will appeal to you and your peer groups. If you haven’t already, please get vaccinated if you are able. Continue to be mindful of those among us who are ineligible for the vaccine at this time (those 11 years old and younger) or those whose health puts them at greater risk for receiving a vaccine.

I look forward to more scenes like the one in the picture above. Seeds that get planted during ones years at LCM bearing much fruit over the decades.

God’s peace & hope be with you,

Pastor Jon