Thanks to all the many hands who keep the kitchen (and the whole property) looking welcoming to our neighbors. Likewise, thanks to the many groups who utilize God’s facilities here at 111 Sloan Street (Foothills Chorale, Narcotics Anonymous, Clemson University Habitat for Humanity Leadership, Clemson Area Pledge to End Racism…and the many Lutheran Campus Ministry and University Lutheran ministries who leave the facilities as they have found them, and sometimes even a little better. Yes, our custodian Melissa does a wonderful job, but without the help of everyone there’s no way the property could speak a word of hospitality to our guests the way it does.

So, thanks to the many unheralded souls who take out the trash, take home the recycles, put away dishes, wipe down tables and countertops and on and on; all to help us be a place of welcome for all.

God’s peace,

Pastor Jon