No, this picture is not photoshopped. This is me (in 2014) standing on top of a fallen redwood tree in Yosemite National Park.

And I thought our Live Oaks were magnificent. Imagine the tallest oak, standing on top of the tallest oak, on top of the tallest oak…well, you get the picture.

It’s now July, 2020. Back in April we had hoped to visit with family in northern & southern California and go to Yosemite which to me is the most magical place I’ve ever visited. Assuming that we still have our health, and there’s nothing at this moment to indicate otherwise, I look forward to returning whether that is in 2021 or 2022.

So, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for University Lutheran for being so flexible in how we are offering worship, pastoral care (a small subset of Christian care!) and the administration of the office. I can’t thank you enough, for those who are still able, for your continued financial support of our ministry through University Lutheran. You have given to Pastor Josh, me, Abi, Judi, Rebecca and Melissa (all UniLu staff) the hopes for a better tomorrow, whether that tomorrow is literal or aspirational.

For those who have been mandated to return to their public workplaces, please let’s do our part by wearing a mask while in public, generously tipping if we eat out or even order take out, maintain physical distancing and contribute to the needs of the saints through our local food ministries or other support. By each of us doing what we are able God can do some amazing things through us.  Thank you for your daily ministries – at home, through the congregation or out in the community.

God’s peace & hope be with you,

Pastor Jon