This coming Sunday, November 1 is All Saints Sunday. A time for us to remember our siblings in Christ from University Lutheran who have died these past twelve months. These saints who are now part of the Church Triumphant are: Marvin Doerr, George Rasula, Wayne Gilchrist, Carol Spitzer, Martha Lee, Eric Molin, Meg Moyle, Bill Pletta, Rev. Gene Copenhaver and Sarah Heyer. We will call out their names during the Prayers of the People and we will have a single rose on the altar for each of them.

We will also light a votive candle in their memory and we invite you to send me or Pastor Josh the name(s) of loved ones who have die through the years that you would like candle(s) lit for.

We speak of the “communion of saints”; those who are living, those who have died, and those yet to come whom the Holy Spirit calls and gathers in the name of Jesus the Christ. A day such as All Saints Sunday invites us to recall and share the stories of those who have died, how their lives and witness touched our lives. How knowing them impacted and changed us for the better. Maybe through music or a smile, through providing meals to LCM students or persons recovering from surgery or illness. Maybe just the joy of being together and sharing a laugh or a hug.

Also this Sunday we will be streaming on Facebook live from the sanctuary. Ned Johnson has been at work since early in the pandemic planning for our return to this space. We will be using some new technology, and although he and Pastor Josh have been working diligently in preparation, please share an extra measure of grace if things don’t go exactly right. After all, we are still in 2020.

Please contact me or Pastor Josh if you would like us to light a candle in memory of your loved one(s).

God’s peace & resurrection hope,

Pastor Jon