Have you received your Covid-19 shot(s)? I’m compiling what I call a “Spreadsheet of hope”. As of the time of writing this article I knew of two UniLu members who have received both their first dose and their second dose, and nineteen others who have received their first shot! A couple more have let me know of their appointments for their first shot. If you don’t think I have you counted, please let me know, 843-304-5664 or pastorjon12@gmail.com.

Why is this important or meaningful? It represents progress towards the day when we will feel more comfortable meeting indoors. When our opportunity for engaging with other people in person (albeit still with masks and physically distanced) is growing closer. To twist Winston Churchill’s words a little bit, “This is the beginning of the end.” We will ultimately suppress the virus by our communal behaviors: mask wearing, physical distancing, washing our hands, being outdoors more than in, getting vaccinated etc. Being extra diligent can help expedite that process.

Personally, I can’t wait to receive the vaccine. I don’t want to cut in front of anybody, but if circumstances arose such that I could receive it sooner than later I’d be ecstatic. Till then, our “quaranteam” has grown from Renee & I to adding our daughter Elise, son in law Ben and two granddaughters. We are remaining vigilant so that everyone stays as healthy as possible, and we recognize how fortunate we are to be able to work from home or in controlled environments outside the home.

Thanks for your patience in continuing to worship online. Thank you for readily adapting to online meetings so that the ministry of the congregation has never shut down. Thank you for your generous support of our ministries such that in 2020 we could offer our full support to Clemson Community Care, Our Daily Bread, Our Daily Rest, Safe Harbor, the SC Synod, Lutheran Campus Ministry and many others.

If you ever need a listening ear, both Pastor Josh and I are available.

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon