Beginning this Sunday June 13 our outdoor worship service will be held at 9 AM in the 111 Sloan Street parking lot and the online worship service (with up to 50 people in person in the sanctuary) will be held at 11 AM. I am thrilled to say that Judi Key will be present to accompany both worship services, and as in summers past, she will coordinate a variety of special musical offerings as well.

Here are the primary reasons behind these changes:

  1. An awareness that no children under age 11 is yet eligible to receive the vaccine so an outdoor worship option is needed for families (and others who are not eligible or may have not yet been vaccinated).
  2. It’s June and the heat is on its way!

A guiding value/desire since the onset of the pandemic has been to provide as meaningful a worship experience(s) as possible to reach out to and include as many people as possible. Our siblings in Christ and our neighbor’s needs have been given preference over my or your individual wants; that’s life in Christian community! This has taken a variety of shapes (Pastor Josh & me in front of an iPhone, then upgrading a microphone, projecting images on the fellowship hall screen, moving to the sanctuary & overlaying slides, adding an outdoor worship …) and will continue evolving.

I am immensely grateful for Ned Johnson’s labor throughout the pandemic in getting a second camera installed in the sanctuary and making other necessary upgrades to our equipment. I am thankful for Myrna Johnson, Renee Heiliger and now the newly trained-by-Ned group of Miles & Bella Rockow, and Charlie and Sarah Smith for assisting with running the behind the scenes technology. We are still seeking others for tasks as basic as advancing powerpoint slides or mashing a button for music, on up to those who may be interested learning more about sound & video mixers. Hey, Ned’s trained me so it’s possible for you too!

It has been great in seeing so many more people face to face this past month, and even with summer schedules, I look forward to seeing more and more of you in the weeks to come.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 843-304-5664 or

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon