Thank you.

Thank you for your generous spirit in how we use the buildings God has entrusted to us for God’s work throughout the week.

It dawned on me last night, as we were wrapping up our meeting in the church office of the Reconciling in Christ Task Force, that Narcotics Anonymous was finishing their support group in the Adult Sunday School Room, the Foothills Chorale was rehearsing in the sanctuary and the Clemson University Habitat for Humanity Leadership Team was beginning their meeting in the Middle School lounge. I didn’t check the LCM lounge, but that is open for students 24/7. This generous offering of space allows our neighbors to carry out their ministries when we do not require the space for ourselves. The buildings are always being heated and cooled at a base level, so what great stewardship to have people using them for good purposes! It’s also nice to be able to welcome people as we pass in the halls and ask them how they are doing. So thanks for seeing these facilities as God’s facilities.

Oh, and the snow in the picture? Well, it certainly has been cold enough, but this is a picture from the great blizzard of 2017.

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon