Thanks to Council Member Adriane Willis for sharing this photo of the 11 AM Easter Sunday worship service. The two earlier services, the Sunrise Service at the Sanders’ farm, and the 9 AM online service were also beautiful. Thanks to Rick, Cindy and whoever else helped setup the sunrise service, for the choir and bell choir (ok, chimes actually) for their in person support as well as pre-recording, to Judi Key, Rebecca Quesada, Abi Donhauser and Pastor Josh for all their extra efforts for Holy Week!

This Sunday we will be back to our 9 AM online service on Facebook and our in person worship at 11 AM in the 111 Sloan Street Parking lot. The weather looks good at this moment, but please dress accordingly (hopefully including sunscreen, a cap or hat & sunglasses).

Also, thanks to Herm Spitzer, Harold Holt and John Dreher for their excellent work in updating the ceiling tiles and light fixtures in the upstairs of the Education Building. They are taking this week off then will finish the nursery in the next 2 weeks or so.

The number of UniLu members who are vaccinated continues to rise (118 people have contacted me).  I also appreciate everyone still wearing their masks when around others not of their “quarantine group” and being mindful of physically distancing. Those three items have made it quite comfortable to be outside and engaged in conversations with people before and after worship.

If you are comfortable coming to in person worship, I hope to see you Sunday. Likewise, if you are not, I hope to be with you during our online worship.

God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon