Love one another. Seems pretty straightforward. Love. One. Another.

But good golly that can be hard sometimes “when the rubber meets the road.”

My neighbor in Charlotte, NC (technically Matthews) was a Pastor in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. After I told him I was heading to seminary we were in a conversation about forgiveness. Pastor Tim wisely observed, “It’s one thing to talk about forgiveness, it’s another thing when someone steps on your toes.”

In  my Clemson Area Clergy meeting this past Monday, a couple of my colleagues shared that last week was one of the toughest weeks they’d encountered in ordained ministry. We all agreed that this has been one of the more challenging times in the pandemic from the perspective of trying to plan ahead. We are once again in a state of transition. What is a constant presence and assurance is God’s love for us. What you can also trust in is that we love our flocks and we know our flocks love us.

But I can accidentally step on toes. When I do, please give me the opportunity to say “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

More than likely, this next month or two will continue to be tricky as our vaccination rates locally, regionally and statewide lag behind other portions of the country.  Thankfully case rates have been declining but for the love of God, and love of neighbor, please get your vaccine if you are eligible. If you have questions or concerns about the vaccine, here at University Lutheran we have plenty of siblings in Christ who are serving in the medical and scientific communities who can answer your questions.

Till this virus is squashed please continue to extend a little extra grace to one another (but even then, it’s  not a bad practice to continue!). Life is tough enough, let’s try to make it a little better for everyone. “Love one another”, per Jesus.


God’s peace & hope,

Pastor Jon